Daybreak Massacre

When the sun rose today God the Father rose on our Behalf, we have gone into a new day with confi dence and are singing victoriously a pastor in the town said.
Congregation, bring those element here the king said. No use wasting time on them, we have to administer copra punishment to them. Justice is all we seek. The youth leader said. Positioned that very well the youth leader said. Chick’s leg was on a rocky ground. The women closed their eyes as the axe hit Chikes ankle the more you see the less you see Chike. As the axe to hit Chikes leg he vanished from the scene to the peoples
astonishment leaving in his position sprinkles of water.
Disappearing was not common not to talk of when a
large crowd was watching. ‘Chike was no where; how lucky he walked along the bush part leading to his village. Stripped this braggarts now Bishop barked.
Untie that rubbish dangling on his waist, the bone
fractured and the piece scattered littering all over the place as the axe torched his leg. Second leg, Bishop called out. No time to waste, the sound echoed into the forest as the whole fourteen robbers ankles fractured.
Women and children pulled out their knifes ,fi rst on
the lead position near the robbers, “feel free” Julius
encouraged her, the woman slit part of the mans fl esh, he wailed as other people took their share of his body blood spilled, the fleshy tissue yielded todiff erent knife cut. The people exited lined in a single file one aft er the order they sliced each man’s skin until the men were satisfi ed lifeless.




About tonyneds

I am from a family of 12 in Obiaruku, Delta State, Nigeria. I studied Electrical Electronic Engineering, majored in Electronic Telecommunication. In years past i did lecture in a polytechnic and have worked in several organizations in Nigeria. My passion for literary work spurred me into writing. I am a novelist, one of my written work is Daybreak Massacre. And my second work coming out live soon is The Last Dictator. Also i am a politician, was once Secretary of Ukwuani Local Government Area in Delta State.
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