Daybreak Massacre

A distressed community in a bid to find a lasting solution to its territorial problem traced it to the criminal jackboot officer, whom after his transfer to the town crime rate suddenly increased. The people severally appealed to the commissioner of jackboot and the state government did not get any feedback decided to lean on faith for survival, but faith was a compromising factor when armed robbery cases were recorded until a final showdown that almost rocked the whole community. Armed men in broadday light invaded the only bank in the community and successfully made away with large sum of money. The jackboot was alerted but delayed its response, with a cover story of not having ammunitions.

The provoked youths of the town burnt down the jackboot station, consequently the government intervened by sending jackboot officers to massacre the citizens in cold blood, thereby turning the town a deserted zone.


About tonyneds

I am from a family of 12 in Obiaruku, Delta State, Nigeria. I studied Electrical Electronic Engineering, majored in Electronic Telecommunication. In years past i did lecture in a polytechnic and have worked in several organizations in Nigeria. My passion for literary work spurred me into writing. I am a novelist, one of my written work is Daybreak Massacre. And my second work coming out live soon is The Last Dictator. Also i am a politician, was once Secretary of Ukwuani Local Government Area in Delta State.
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